The scope of MSSMat ranges from elaboration and experimental characterization to the modelling and the simulation of mechanical behaviour of structures and materials at various scales.
The scientific policy of the laboratory aims more than ever at a proper balance between fundamental innovative developments and effective, robust and solidly founded answers to practical industrial problems within complex societal issues.
In addition to its researchers of recognized high level, MSSMat has a solid body of technical staff operating large experimental equipments. Very recently, MSSMat was one of the winner partners of the “EquipEx” MATMECA/ElCOsMoS. Within the latter wide spectrum experimental project, MSSMat will be shortly equiped with a very high resolution TEM. Today, MSSMat is also a major user of the ECP HPC meso­centre (1000 cores).
For its scientific orientations, MSSMat keeps on promoting and organizing its nano and bio­-mechanical science axes, on the one hand. On the other hand, more classical but still challenging issues like seismic risks, surface and volume damages at different scales or behaviour of Iter cables, are still hot points of focus. In the new national research context, the Laboratory continues to expand its scientific interactions. Together with the LMT-­Cachan, brand new collaborations are being settled, some of them being shaped in new research projects plateforms.



Hachmi Ben Dhia

Directeur du laboratoire MSSMat



  • Enseignants-chercheurs et Chercheurs : 20
  • Doctorants : 37
  • Visiteurs et Postdocs : 7
  • Ingénieurs Techniciens et Administratifs : 19
  • Publications de rang A (Source : Web of science) : 39
  • Montant des Contrats signés : 1 045 875 € (hors chaires)


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